3 Signs it is Time To Replace Your Doors

3 Signs it is Time To Replace Your Doors

Let us start by saying, we believe that home doors are more ignored than any other household item out there. We handle windows very frequently, but we are always a bit surprised when we see the doors some homes have installed. From older, broken wooden doors and even missing doors, we have seen it all. It is time to stop neglecting your doors, as they are just as important as replacing your windows. Here are  some signs that it’s time for a door replacement.

1.    Unlockable Doors

We can say that unlockable doors can be the most frustrating thing to deal with at homes. How many times have you been away from home and come back to your house, only to have lock problems with your key? It seems as though you have to come up with a new method of opening your doors after every new issue that arises with your doors. What’s even worst, walking out of your home only to find out that the door was unlocked the entire time you’ve been home. Scary thought to have when you thought you had been safely secured in your home. It is a known fact that many home intruders prefer to try to see if the doors open before they try breaking into your home. It is time leave your worries at the door whether you are going out or staying home for the day and night.

2.    Energy Efficiency

You know about losing energy if you have poor windows, but did you know that you can also lose much energy just by having a damaged or poorly installed doors? Most people try to save themselves a door replacement by covering spaces in the door, like putting down a towel in front the bottom of the door to keep air from leaving and entering. While you are indeed trying to fix your problem, a sheet can only help you so much before real issues start to kick in. You are throwing money away by not calling us to replace the inefficient energy doors you have!

3.    The Look

The greatest joy of owning a home is being proud of the way your home looks. If your doors have nasty dents, broken locks, and terrible paint jobs, then it is time to look into buying new doors. It is embarrassing to have to explain a problem with your doors as a warning to guests before they even enter your home. It is even worst to have a terrible looking doors in your home. If you ever plan to sell your home, it is very much worth to replace your doors if they are in bad shape. If your doors have seen better days and want to give them their old charm, then give us a call.

Your household doors are becoming a bigger hassle than what they are meant to be. No more excuses, it is time to put your foot down. Your doors should work for you, not work against you. Continue on with your life without having to give a second thought about your household doors.


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