3 Reasons to Replace Your Front Door

It is often encouraged to replace your front door when you are replacing your windows. This leaves many to ask a reasonable question, “why?” Our Houston Replacement Doors and Windows experts want to make sure we answer those questions! Here are 3 reasons to replace your front door.

Houston Replacement Doors

1. Increase Security

If you have an older door, chances are high it is not as secure as a replacement door would be. Plus, the frame around the door can deteriorate over time, which makes it less secure and easier for a potential intruder to break in. Plus with a replacement door you can take advantage of new technology in security like wireless technology. The more secure your door is, the more secure you can feel in your home – and know it’s secure when you’re not in your home.

2. Increase Value

Although replacement doors aren’t a large investment, they are a home improvement that really pays off in that they increase the value of your home. It can increase curb appeal and even make your entire home look newer. In fact, this is one home improvement where the increase in the home’s value often exceeds the cost, and it will last for years.

3. Decrease Energy Bills

Something we can’t stress enough with replacement windows and doors is energy efficiency. Old doors can definitely allow a major energy escape. Ideally a door should keep air inside and noise outside. As doors get older, they become less effective. Drafts tend to be noticed first. They may seem small, but they can make a huge difference in your energy bills!

Because most doors and windows are the same age, it makes sense to replace them at the same time. Of course, we understand this isn’t always the case, which is why it’s important to know when it’s time to replace your door. Our Houston replacement doors experts will help you find the front door that is right for your home.


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