3 Crazy Window Stories – from the Houston Window Experts
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3 Crazy Window Stories – from the Houston Window Experts

Windows may not seem like an exciting topic, but there are some crazy stories associated with them. As the year comes to close, Superior Window Company, your Houston window experts, would like to share 3 crazy window stories that we’ve heard about throughout the year.

  1. Deer Goes to School

Not too long ago in Kingwood, TX, a deer paid an unexpected visit to Kingwood Middle School. While a class of 6th graders were having their regular reading class, a deer charged through the window and knocked the teacher down. As the students stared on in shock, one student bolted down the hall in search of the principal. Before the principal ever arrived, the deer had already come and gone; the whole ordeal only lasted about 30 seconds. In 27 years of working in schools,  the principal said he had never had to deal with a deer inside of a classroom. We may never know why the deer broke the window, but maybe he just wasn’t too fond of the day’s lesson.

  1. Man Falls 11 Stories

In San Francisco, a window washer and his partner were setting up their washing platform 11 stories up. Unexpectedly, the man fell but happened to land on a Toyota that was passing through the intersection below. The car’s roof and back window were crushed, and the window washer suffered several compound fractures. Fortunately, the driver inside the vehicle was unharmed. Pedestrians stepped in, directing traffic and helping the men, until the authorities arrived. It’s amazing that a man can fall 11 stories and live to tell about it.

  1. Woman Saves Baby

In San Antonio, TX, a 9th-month-old baby had been trapped inside of a car for 40 minutes on a hot day. Retired Army Capt. Angela Radtke decided to take action. Asking bystanders for a heavy object, she broke the car’s front window, climbed in and brought the baby to safety. When the authorities arrived, the infant had to be treated for dehydration and the child’s father was arrested. Usually, breaking windows is a bad thing, but if it involves saving a child’s life, we say break away!

Teacher-tackling deer, falling on moving cars, and saving lives- now you know how interesting windows can really be. If your home has been involved in an exciting window story, and now they need to be replaced, give us a call at Superior Window Company or fill out an online form to schedule a free consultation.


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