10 Tips To Cool Your Home For Summer

The Texas Summer is around the corner. What is the difference between a Texas Summer and a regular Summer? You must not be from Texas if you have to ask. Basically a Texas Summer can melt the glass right off those new replacement windows, need we say more?  Before it gets apocalyptic hot, you should go through your house and make sure it is ready to bear this Texas heat. The best place to start naturally, is your homes air conditioning system and investing in replacement windows for your home if needed. If you’re going to be running that air you want it to stay in right? It’s a good idea to also make sure that AC system is in tip top shape. There’s a few basic things you can do to make sure your cooling system is in order and to maximize that cooling effect in your home as well.

1. Replace your air filters and make sure you change them every month. A clogged filter will shorten the life of your unit by as much as 30%.

2. Test your systems cooling ability by switching the thermostat over to “cool” turn the temperature all the way down. If the AC does not click on, first make sure you didn’t trip a breaker. If you can’t assess the problem though call your HVAC repair company. Detecting a problem before it’s 104 in the shade will prevent an“emergency” call when the heat is unbearable and repair companies are much more busy and expensive.

3. If your cooling system does turn on, make sure it is pumping out cold enough air. If it’s not, it may need coolant (freon) and you need a professional to procure that.

4. AC units, just like replacement windows, need to be upgraded from time to time if they have lost their ability to cool. If this is your case,  do it before the hot weather hits so you’re not listless and weary because your house is showing 99 degrees. HVAC repair people are very swamped during the summer. And more than likely, some other things around your home might need attention as well like getting replacement windows. If you’re about to spend thousands on a new AC unit, you better make sure your windows are sealed good and deflect heat. If you have the same old windows it’s always had, it’s time for replacement windows to keep a tight seal.

5. Your air ducts should be checked for leaks and loose seals as air will sneak right out and is wasting money.

6. A programmable thermostat will help cool your house more efficiently as it learns your habits and can cool the house accordingly.

7. The perfect complement to new replacement windows is an attic fan. It is a fan the pushes hot air out of the attic and keeps the home cooler by promoting the circulation of cooler air.

8. Take down your old storm windows if you have them and get the screens cleaned and ready for summer.

9. And don’t forget your car. Check it’s AC and electrical system, tire pressure, and coolant levels.

10. Last but not least: Call your replacement windows experts, Superior Window Company to evaluate your home for it’s energy efficiency and our replacement windows products that we can install to help your home achieve the energy efficiency that will make it optimal to live in.


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