10 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need In Your Life

10 Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need In Your Life

Being one of the most popular Replacement window companies in Houston, we know a little bit about the allure of spring. Spring brings on new life, new growth in nature, and USUALLY warmer temperatures—but this is Texas and we’re dealing with hard freezes…in MARCH? Really?

Well, while you wait for the temps to get to the normal spring-like ’70s to go and tool around your lawn and garden, you can get the inside of your house looking and smelling clean. Just take a look at these 15 spring cleaning hacks we’ve compiled to make your spring cleaning a little less tedious and much more efficient.

1. Maximize Your Fridge Space

Most people start spring cleaning with the kitchen first, more specifically, that nasty fridge and whatever that goop on the back shelf is. Since you have to empty the fridge anyway, why not reduce spills and maximize your fridge space at the same time. Add a Lazy Susan, available on Amazon.com and other retailers, to your shelves to make finding things easier. Being able to rotate through items often forgotten in the back cuts down on waste and spillage, plus it will make next year’s spring cleaning that much easier.

2. Keep Your Sponges Clean

We get it, spring cleaning means a lot of dirty sponges and towels. But you can make your sponges go further with this simple trick: Microwave them. Sounds crazy but just squeeze all the dirty water out of your sponge, add a little lemon juice to it and pop it in on high for about one minute. Congratulations you have a newly disinfected sponge that can go another few rounds.

3. Don’t Neglect The Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are often the most overlooked appliance in the home when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. A neglected garbage disposal can cause some serious plumbing problems if you don’t maintain it. Just take that lemon you used for the sponges drop both halves in, add some kosher salt and about 4 cups of ice cubes and run it for a good minute with the water running. That should clear up any build-up and eradicate nasty odors. 

4. Clock Yourself

Having trouble staying on task and focused? Time yourself when doing your tasks to help make you stay focused. Whether it’s a timer on your phone or an old-school ticking egg timer—the clock will be a reminder to help you stay on track. It also gives you an idea of how long each task takes so you can plan out your cleaning accordingly in the future. 

5. Wax On, Grime Off

One of the hardest appliances to keep clean is the kitchen stove. It really takes a lot of abuse when you think about it? Food gets baked on, and anyone who actually uses their stove knows that dried egg is the worst to get off! Give your stove a good scrubbing and then try this creative hack—TURTLE WAX. Yes after you dry the stove, apply a thin layer of Turtle Wax or your favorite car wax. Buff it off with a clean lint-free towel and watch the magic happen. Not only will your stove really shine like new, but it will also make future gunk a lot easier to wipe off!

6. Lemony Fresh Lemony Clean

Want an easy way to make faucets and stainless-steel hardware shine? Break out the ultimate multitasker, the lemon. Just cut one in half and rub it on your stainless steel sink hardware and faucets. Hard water stains, grease and fingerprints come right off with this nifty trick. Plus it leaves behind a fresh citrusy scent instead of chemicals. 

7. Steam That Microwave Clean

Are you that one person that NEVER covers their food in the microwave? If so, then your microwave probably looks like a food bomb went off. No worries, steam that baked on food right off. Just fill a microwave-safe container with 2 cups of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and a drop of orange oil. Set it to high and nuke it for 5 minutes. Your microwave will magically wipe clean and smell amazing.

9. Wash Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Well, obviously—since we manufacture the best replacement windows in Houston, you’d think we know how to clean them too right? You got it! If you want windows that look virtually invisible simply mix equal parts of white vinegar and hot water and here’s the ultimate tip—do it on an overcast day! A sunny day causes the windows to dry quicker which leaves streaks. Also, opt for a newspaper instead of paper towels for a truly easy breezy window cleaning.

10. Put That Dishwasher To Lots Of Uses

The name dishwasher is quite misleading for this powerhouse kitchen appliance. You can clean just about anything BESIDES dishes in most modern dishwashers. Try popping items such as hairbrushes, plastic toys, fridge shelving, soap dishes, removable showerheads, and more. There is such a long list of things the dishwasher is perfect for cleaning that isn’t exactly a plate or bowl. 

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