Vinyl Replacement Windows Save Money

Save Money on Vinyl Replacement WindowsVinyl replacement windows are quickly becoming the most popular home improvement project.  Did you know that more than half of the windows in Texas are single-pane windows, and most all of the other half are uncoated double-pane windows? What this says is that most homeowners are wasting natural resources and spending money for cooling and heating  unnecessarily.  Homes with inferior windows are literally costing homeowners money.  It’s like “throwing money out the window”.

Several window manufacturers and various studies by building associations and government agencies prove that windows are the primary point of heat or air conditioning loss in the home.  On the conservative end, vinyl replacement windows can save 25-50% of the energy needed to heat and cool a home.  No wonder window replacement is the most popular home improvement project today.

For this reason, the United States Environmental Protection Agency promotes the use of High Performance Windows.  This EPA “Fact Sheet” is designed to help consumers learn more about energy efficient windows.