3 Ways Replacement Windows Make Your Home Great Again

With a new year now upon us, many resolutions are made in regards to getting fit, quitting bad habits, and focusing on making America great again. With all the focus on making things great again, why not start with your home? Adding even the slightest touch up to your home can dramatically increase its value as well as give you a sense of investment in the future. One of the best investments you can make into your home whether it is old or new is adding new windows. When it comes to home improvement normally you are thinking to add a nice garden or a man cave right? Well, you can thank us later with the money you will save from energy efficient replacement windows because the savings can lead to that man cave or dream garden you’ve always wanted. Saving money on energy bills is just one benefit you will discover, but there are much more we bet you didn’t think of as well.

Replacement Windows Tackle Energy Costs Like JJ Watt.

Tired of watching your money literally go out the window? When you notice your old windows are drafty or they get really hot in summer, you know it’s time to make a change. Your heat and cold air are leaking right through those windows and costing you precious savings. Go JJ Watt on energy efficiency and sack those leaks with a smart investment like this. Sure, Houston windows seem expensive at first, but the money they save in the long run more than pays off your initial investment. Older homes typically have single pane windows which often account for over 30% of energy loss in your home. New build homes aren’t usually any better. Unless you selected an upgrade on windows, builders use the cheapest window they can to maintain a solid profit margin. This means your windows are not very efficient, only look pretty; that’s like putting a Prius engine in a Corvette, it may look sweet, may save money, but punch the gas and you feel as deflated as a football in Tom Brady’s practice bag. New windows actually can lower the load on your HVAC system by over 20% which means your home’s climate is more comfortable and at a lower expense. With features like argon gas filled double or triple panes and heat reducing coatings, you can’t deny the advantages of this upgrade.

Windows Can Give Your Home’s Value a Bump

Replacement Windows nearly pay for themselves, literally. If you went out and spent good money on new windows and then sold your house the next day, you would likely recover at least 80% of your windows cost. This is even truer when you install our Krypton filled insulated windows which can save you up to 46% on energy costs, which is very attractive to new buyers. Your property value can also go up with an investment like this which increases the resale value even further due to the better curb appeal of new windows. With our variety of colors, glass options and finishes, it really is possible to create a home style as unique as your own easily with the best in Houston windows.

Home Is Where Your Comfort Zone Is

Your home is your oasis, your place where you can unwind, make memories and sit in your pajamas on Sunday watching your Houston Texans make their playoff run. With new windows and features like we have mentioned, you get comforts like natural light, reduction in outside noise, a custom style, and UV protection. Old windows just don’t offer the same comfort and are more high maintenance than new windows. You can’t put a price tag on comfort so why not invest in your future, after all, you only get one.

Make Your Home Great Again

There’s no place like home, and you don’t have to click your heels together to make your home great again. Just get online, and contact us to get a consultation and see the difference Superior can make in your life.