What To Love About Replacement Windows

While most people when considering a home improvement project don’t have replacement windows at the top of their list, they should. If you have trouble with windows fogging up, sticking when you try to open or close them, or the frames are cracking; you really need replacement windows. Many people don’t stop to consider the fantastic benefits of new windows and how much they improve a home. We love new windows and let us tell you just a few things there’s to love.

1. Replacement Windows Actually Save Money

Spend a few grand on windows and you may think we are crazy in this statement. It is, however, true.; Replacement windows indeed do save you money. It is not going to be obvious to you at first until you get a few utility bills after. When you start seeing  the cost of electricity shrink, you will be a believer. Not only that but there are many tax deductions available for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. When you have old, single-pane windows you are losing up to 30% of your home’s heat. That’s literally money flying out of the window. When you call the Houston windows experts at Superior, you are on your way to windows that are designed to keep heat out in the summer, and in during the winter.  The windows we install can lower the demand on your HVAC system by upwards of 25%, you do the math and that is a lot of savings!

2. New Windows Add Value

Replace your windows now and you could literally sell your home the next day and recover most of the money you spent on replacement windows. That is a huge return on investment for all you stock market players out there.  Any investor would tell you that is a sound investment for the future. Not to mention they make your home look beautiful. People often overlook the impact that curb appeal has on a home’s value, it can often make or break a deal on your home. If you install some of our windows with multiple locks, depending on your carrier, it might lower your insurance rate as well. The financial benefits are abundant.

3. They Add Comfort

Your home is your sanctuary; it’s where you go to take refuge from the daily rat race. You want your home to be comfortable, not drafty or hot. Not only do replacement windows keep your climate comfortable but they also filter harmful UV rays, and provide safe natural light, a great source of Vitamin D. The well-being of your person is important for being able to rest and recoup in your home and when you have the Houston windows experts out to install new windows, you are bringing comfort to your home, not just function.

When you are ready to boost your home’s value, add comfort to your life, and to make an investment that will pay dividends both now and in the future just contact the Houston windows experts at Superior. We will get you on the road to beautiful new replacement windows.