Home Windows – Keeping your Home Safe

Are your home windows safe?

Should a thief, a hurricane, or some other pane-shattering disaster come along, a normal home window wouldn’t stand a chance. But here at Superior Windows, we don’t make normal home windows. When you buy windows from us, they come with all sorts of security features. Integrated lift rails for sashes, double vent night lashes, double positive hidden Cam-Action locks, metal to metal fasteners, Cadmium force balancing systems, and reinforced DuraSash sash frames are just some of the features holding your home windows together and keeping your window exactly where it needs to be.

The security of your family is at the forefront of our minds when installing your home windows.  If we wouldn’t trust a window in our own homes, we certainly wouldn’t put it in yours.  Superior Windows… a company you can trust.