3 Reasons For Our Five Home Window Minimum

Often times we get questions via email or chat about our five replacement window minimum purchase policy. In order to fully understand our policy you have to understand a bit about what sets our windows apart from most. We understand not everyone is in a position to purchase windows for their entire house at a given time, sometimes you just need to replace one failing window and honestly, we will tell you in that situation a Home Depot window might be the best option for you given your need and budget. Of course when you are ready to invest in your home and save money on your electric bills, then you give us a call and we take care of you. In understanding what we do, how we do it and why; you will understand why our five window minimum is essential for us to remain competitive in pricing without compromising our build quality.

#1 We Handle All Aspects Of The Business

Kathy Brock Owner of Superior Window Company

Everything in your window installation from Superior from inception, to manufacturing, to installation begins and continues right here in house. We do not contract our manufacturing out to some random mass production company, nor do we use random outside install teams. Here is a common situation we have heard from clients who have had bad experiences with companies that do outsource.

  1. You contact the window company and they send out some local salesperson that comes in with a flashy demo unit, and pressures you for the most expensive windows without even asking your needs. You may need a balance of quality and lower price, but they don’t care, they are going to make you want the window you really shouldn’t and cannot afford. They pressure you to sign the deal right away and discourage you that it may not be available tomorrow or the price might be higher. You sign, fearing you may lose out on a good deal. In reality, you just paid 3 times the price for a window that is actually the quality of a basic 150.00 window.


  1. You get a call from the install dispatch to schedule your appointment. You aren’t given many convenient choices and you are rushed off the phone and told someone will contact you. You literally get a phone call sometimes as late as 2 hours before the install team arrives.


  1. Install team arrives, no window company logos, nothing to signify they are with said company; rather they are with “ABC” contractors and performing the installation of your windows. They rush through the install not taking the time to answer concerns or questions you have during the process and basically want to get in get out and forget about you. They usually leave a mess in their wake and if you have a problem, you don’t get their card; you are told to call the window company.


  1. A few months go by, you never got a follow up call from your salesperson, and you are having an issue with your windows. You call their customer service number and rather than a quick answer like when you called the sales line, you are put on hold in an automated system for an eternity. You finally get an agent and detail your problem, you don’t get a resolution, and you get told someone will contact you to repair or replace the window. Of course, you have to call back after a week of no follow up and you start all over again. This process can take a month or longer to finally get resolved if ever at all.


  1. Seven years later, the warranty on your “top of the line” windows are already falling apart and leaking air like a single pane. So then you call Superior, and you get a realistic but honest and fair price on replacement windows and from the first contact, you realize you should’ve called us from the get go.


Sure not all window companies are going to be that bad, but the sad reality is a lot of them are. Some due to lack of empathy for consumers, others because they try and cut costs to exist in an industry they just don’t have the capital to compete in. At Superior we started this business only once we knew we could afford to deliver a quality product that we control, we install, and we service. Our name and reputation is far more valuable than high profit margin. By controlling all aspects of our business our success or failure is squarely on our shoulders.

#2 Our Name Is Indicative Of Our Product Quality

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Right off the bat you can see the difference in our windows vs. windows from Home Depot or Lowes. First, our windows are crafted from the finest materials and our specification standards are rigid if not overboard. We set out to build the best window for the clients we serve here in the Houston area not in New York, Not California; so we build them right here in Texas for Texans. Our windows are built to withstand the Texas heat, gulf coast hurricanes, and that notorious Houston humidity. Our windows are built to order and not a moment sooner. When you order windows from Superior your order is placed and your salesperson deals with our plant directly and your windows are created specifically for your home. This is the main reason why a one off order just isn’t feasible as the cost per unit would be too high for most customers to build just one window. Our windows showcase features such as:

  • 9 point locking system with dual cam locks with double strength glass in every single pane
  • Southern climate zone glass that is specifically designed to Texas weather
  • Durable aluminum reinforcements that allow us to stand behind a 55-year transferrable warranty on all our windows
  • More glass and less frame for an attractive yet durable window
  • Astounding 26 color options to accentuate your home
  • Efficient design that save you up to 46% on your energy bills; 15% more than our closest competitor

#3 Our Installation And Service Is Second To None

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If you go out and buy expensive, high-end performance parts for a car and then have someone install it who doesn’t know what they are doing, you are going to end up with horrible results. The same goes for the windows industry; amazing products with shoddy installations and service equals a horrible product overall. We believe in order for our product to be Superior the installation has to be and vice versa, they go hand in hand. That is why we hand pick and train our in-house installation teams and hold them to extreme quality standards. Our goal is to install your windows with as much care for your home as you have and leave no footprint of our visit.  Your install is planned out prior to arrival and every precaution is taken to ensure we don’t damage your exterior, interior or landscaping. Our team is happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you have while on site, we are never too busy to speak with you. The installation process is pretty straightforward:

  • TRANSPORTING: Our plant goes above and beyond to ensure great care in the manufacturing, packing and transport of your windows to our install staging warehouse. Our local installation team takes the same white glove care in getting them from our warehouse to your home to install. Our trailers are custom designed to securely house your windows for transport in a safe and secure fashion
  • YOUR INSTALL TEAM: When your team arrives it is always led by one of our factory trained and certified Lead Installer. We walk through your home with you and explain exactly what we will be doing and determine if there are any special considerations we need to take such as pets, gates or disturbances. We don’t just provide a window installation we strive to provide an experience and set an example for customer service across all industries.
  • INSTALLATION: Every one of your windows has been custom built for each opening and will be installed following all guidelines of our manufacturing plant to ensure proper fit and function. We expect nothing less from our install teams than perfection, period.
  •  MATERIALS: At Superior we are intense on quality and testing, we have researched the materials we used and know them to be the best of the best. We use premium grade caulking, coiling and insulation to ensure efficiency and durability.
  • QUALITY INSPECTION: Once your install is complete we will walk you through your home inspecting each window to make sure you are completely satisfied with each one. We thoroughly clean our job site and leave no trace behind. We also will answer any questions you have on cleaning or operating the windows.
  •  LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our installation teams are so skilled that we offer a no worry Lifetime Installation Warranty. This warranty is even transferable to the next owner if you sell, so it helps with the home value as well!

We Go Above And Beyond The Minimum

The only time we don’t have a minimum is in our commitment to excellence. We don’t strive for the bare minimum on our windows or our installations; we strive to be the standard for others to follow. If you are ready to commit to the best replacement windows for your home, call us today for a no pressure consultation.