How Drafty Windows Stole Last Year’s Bonus

Now that Christmas has come and gone, and the country is in the middle of an arctic blast that would make Santa shiver; many people are getting back to the hustle and bustle of the normal work routine. Some of that includes working overtime to pay off those Christmas presents bought on credit cards; while some of it is to pay off the new treadmill we will hang clothes on right? We hope your Christmas went well and we also hope you were one of the lucky ones that received a decent Christmas bonus from your employer. Many companies reward their employees at Christmas for meeting performance based goals for the year ending, but could the performance levels of your windows be the Grinch who steals last year’s Christmas bonus?

Yes, if you have old drafty windows, it is quite possible that those windows may indeed be the Grinch making a late comeback to steal your Christmas bonus in the form of high utility bills during this arctic weather Texans aren’t accustomed to. We are used to the hot humid summers Houston has become known for, but snow, ice and temperatures in the 20’s make us turn the heat on faster than you can say Icicle. If your windows are drafty however, let’s look at the breakdown of just how much of that bonus and then some is going out the window with your heat:

The Heist By The Numbers

45% — The percentage of your utility bill that comes from heating your home. The Department of Energy states that this is the largest expense in most average size homes.

$550 — The average cost of using natural gas to heat your home in the colder months, typically late October thru early march. Over half of Texas households use natural gas to heat their home. This year might be slightly hire given unusually cold weather patterns.

$838 — The average cost of heating with electricity which accounts for about one-third of homes.

The Heist Blueprint

Your drafty windows didn’t just take your money overnight; it can be a long process that often goes undetected or overlooked. We tend to forget that windows like any other part of our house need maintenance and eventually replacement with something better and newer. There are many reasons why windows get drafty but here are some of the most common:

  • Advanced Wear and Tear –Even though windows that were once high-quality can last a long time, eventually normal wear and tear does begin to affect their efficiency. It’s not easy to detect with the naked eye but often the weather stripping can be damaged or just eventually wear down. Even the smallest section of worn weatherstripping can lead to a cold spot in your house.
  • Aged Window or Frame – Let’s say you don’t even use your windows very much; the window components, especially the frame and pane can become damaged with age. Wood frames can crack or warp, and panes can end up with leaks between them. Windows over twenty years old should be checked by a professional for compromised efficiency due to age.
  • Extreme Temperature Shifts- 60 degrees at 3pm, 32 degrees at 10pm. Yes, that is Texas weather for you and if your home has the cheap windows that came with it you could be feeling it in your wallet. Cheaper windows contract greatly due to the cheaper materials used to make them low-cost; this contraction causes major leaks, costing you more in the long run.
  • High Levels of Moisture – Given the humid climate of our region windows here take more of a beating than you might realize. Combine the constant humidity with the extreme storms and of course, hurricanes; and you have a recipe for decay. When windows are exposed to these elements there’s a higher chance that water will leak in beneath the seal and cause it to break. If left undetected or corrected, come winter it’s going to let a lot of cold air in. Always check your window panes for condensation as it’s a sure sign of a leak or moisture damage.
  • Failing To Maintain Properly – Many people forget that weatherstripping while durable to some extent also needs proper maintenance. Failing to clean your weatherstripping and your windows or using corrosive cleaners to clean it can lead to cause it to wear out faster.
  • Shoddy Installation –High quality windows are only as good as the installer who puts them in for you. If your windows were not installed by a reputable professional, there could be a compromised seal or leaking pane. Always have windows installed by a licensed and insured professional.

Thwart The Thieves

Now that you know how your windows can become money hungry thieves, the next logical step is stopping that from happening.  The best way to do this is by installing energy efficient replacement windows from Superior. Our energy star certified windows help you save your bonus and maybe pick up some more savings all year long. If that’s not enough to convince you, just take a look at all the other advantages:

  • Increase Curb Appeal –New replacement windows from Superior also boost the curbside view of your home. With both contemporary and modern styles as well as trim styles to suit any taste; your home will look a lot better and its value will go up considerably if you choose to sell at some point.
  • Easy To Maintain – Most of the modern replacement windows are now designed to be very low maintenance. For example, vinyl windows don’t need to be repainted year after year. Also, the hardware used in modern windows are typically made from stainless steel or zinc so it is not subject to rust during the life of the window.
  • UV Light Protection – Most homeowners want touches of natural light in their home where possible. The downside of this natural light is overexposure to UV light from sunlight. UV rays while known to be harmful to your skin also fade the interior of your home. Superior’s replacement windows have Low-E double or triple plane technology that uses argon gas to provide protection from those UV rays.
  • Safe For The Family – If you have young children you know the arduous task of childproofing your home and that some components you just can’t childproof. Windows are one of those components that are tough to protect from damage. Of course, aside from bullet proof glass, no window pane is indestructible at the hands of children; but modern window panes are more durable. Our high quality windows can be made with optional tempered glass that is stronger than typical glass and is designed to shatter into small pieces rather than jagged shards. Laminated glass is another option that holds glass together with a polymer laminate if shattered which also adds protection against intruders.
  • Increased Home Value – One quick way to boost equity in your home is by making improvements that increase your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, adding replacement windows to your home is one of the best home improvement options, garnering an average of over 75% of the cost of your windows once you sell your home.
  • Utility Companies Pay You – Yes, you read that right; utility companies often will give you rebates for installing energy efficient windows. These rebates vary by company and region but can potentially save you thousands annually.
  • Easier To Operate – Have you ever tried opening an old window that has been in a home for 30 plus years? It’s not easy if not impossible due to warping and the natural casualties of climate and time passed. Newer replacement windows have better mechanisms and are designed to open effortlessly.
  • Lower Utility Bills – This benefit is obvious given the main reason you are losing money with your old windows is higher utility bills. Newer energy star approved replacement windows will drastically reduce your utility costs over time and may even be partially deductible on your tax return.

Get Your Home On Lockdown

You have been informed on the crimes your old drafty windows have committed. You have been told how they pulled off the thievery. Now it is up to you to get your home on lock down and put those old windows away for good. Superior can help you choose the right replacement windows for your home because we are right here in your backyard and so is our entire operation. While many companies offer similar replacement windows, none compare to the quality and commitment to details we put into every one of our windows. Superior windows are designed specifically for Texas homes and the erratic and often extreme weather conditions they must endure. Because we design for Texas homes, why would we manufacture our windows anywhere else but Texas? That’s right our windows are manufactured right here in our own plant in the greatest state. This close proximity not only helps us keep a tight control on quality, but it means quicker lead times on installations; there is no waiting extremely long periods of time for your windows to be shipped across the states, nor is there the added freight. So if you are ready to get tough on old windows and their crimes against your wallet, call Superior today, we’re tough on energy efficiency and can save you the money you work hard to earn.