Double Pane Windows VS. Single and Triple Pane

If you’ve spotted the signs of worn out windows (leaks, drafts, poor insulation), then you know it’s time to replace your windows. After doing a bit of research, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of different window options on the market. One of the most important decisions you will make about replacement windows is whether you should get single, triple or double pane. The best type of window for your home largely depends on what you need.

Read on for more information about single, double and triple pane windows so you can make the best decision for your home.

Single Pane Windows

The simplest of windows is the single pane window. As the name implies, it consists of a single layer of glass. This is sufficient enough to provide an outside view while separating the inside of your home from the rest of the world. However, it does almost nothing to prevent the outside temperatures from affecting the inside of your home. If you almost never run the heater or air conditioner (because the temperature is always perfect), then single pane windows might work. On the other hand, if you do use your HVAC system frequently, you will need something that provides more insulation.

Double Pane Windows

You would think that double pane windows have two layers of glass, but that is only half the story. In between the two layers of glass is a pocket of air that further increases the insulation value of double pane windows. They can also be further upgraded by inserting a special type of gas in the air pocket to improve their performance even more. Compared to single pane, double pane windows are more energy efficient (money savings), have higher STC ratings (quieter home) and offer more resistance to condensation.

Triple Pane Windows

Just as the name suggests, triple pane windows add yet another layer of glass for a total of three layers. Triple pane windows do provide the best performance out of all the replacement windows types. They are more energy efficient, more resistant to condensation, and offer a small improvement in sound resistance.

Choosing the Right Window

Now that you know a bit more about each type of window, it’s time to decide which is best for your home. In the vast majority of cases, single pane windows are not the right option. They simply provide too little protection from the outside elements. Double pane windows will get the job done for most homeowners. They will see energy savings, increased comfort and value added to the home. While triple pane windows do provide the best performance, they do not always have the best cost-to-value ratio. Triple pane windows make sense for homeowners who in live areas with very hot or cold temperatures.

If you still need more help in deciding which type of replacement window is best for your home, contact a professional replacement window company for advice. In the Houston area, Superior Window Company is the foremost expert on windows. Give us a call today for more information!