Why are Double pane windows so popular?

If you’ve been shopping Houston window companies for replacement windows then you have most likely heard the term “Double Pane Windows.” Ever wonder why you hear that term so often and why they are so popular? You first must know what they are before you can begin to appreciate their benefit. Double Pane windows are different than single pane in that they have two panes of glass sandwiched together to create an air pocket, or in higher end models, argon gas to increase insulation. But what does all of this shop talk mean to you, the average homeowner? It means they are better, to sum it up in a quick sentence. But let’s examine the main benefits so that you can make an educated decision on why they are right for you.

They Are More Efficient

Houston window companies aren’t trying to sell your double pane windows just to squeeze more money out of you. These windows really do save up to 30% on energy costs due to their structure. With the higher end replacement windows that have argon gas between the two panes, you will see a significant drop in your heating and cooling costs. Windows are often the biggest culprit in energy loss in a home so choosing double panes is actually the logical choice. The extra pane provides an extra layer from the outside elements. It is best to opt for the gas filled replacement windows as well, as the savings on energy outweigh the upgrade cost.  Keep in mind too, that the better a home’s energy efficiency is the better it’s resale value will be when you decide to sell.

Silence Is Golden

It is a given that if you have an extra layer of glass in your window, then likely outside noise will be reduced. If you live in a high traffic area, most Houston window companies will tell you double pane is a must.  Noise pollution is very common in urban areas, and with the suburbs expanding, they have their own noise issues too. Kid’s playing, dogs barking, it all adds up. By choosing double pane windows you are increasing your resistance to those outside sounds for some peace and quiet. You cannot put a price tag on that kind of benefit.

 Storm Season Is Coming

Let’s face it Houston windows companies know their region, and Houston is known for some major storms. Storm windows are almost a given in Houston homes, but with double pane windows, you eliminate the need for storm windows like you find in older Houston homes.  No more hassling with popping on the storm windows just about every other day in April. With double pane windows you have that extra layer of protection built right in, so rest easy. The other advantage to double pane windows as storm window replacements, they actually look nice! You don’t have that big, bulky, snap-on window covering up your beautiful replacement windows.

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