The Dangers of Flood-Damaged Windows

It’s no secret that flooding from Hurricane Harvey affected thousands of homes in the greater Houston area. Thousands of family’s were (and in some cases still are) displaced by the historic flooding in late August. For many, the process of rebuilding their home has already begun. So, if your home suffered flood damage, do you need to worry about replacing your windows? Keep reading to find out.

Flooding Does Damage Your Windows

When the flood waters from Hurricane Harvey rose up to and above your windows, the flood water seeped into the crevices of your windows. In vinyl windows, the overall system of the window is compromised by water. Even double pane windows are still affected by floodwater. The seal in double pane windows will be compromised by flooding and will eventually deteriorate and break.

Once the floodwater has receded you may not notice any exterior damage to your windows. However, the interior of your windows is a different story. Floodwater is unable to completely drain out of your windows. Chemicals, bacteria and debris from the floodwaters will be trapped in the foam and crevices of your windows. This remaining water is a perfect environment for the growth of mold and mildew and will lead to an overall deterioration of your window.

What are Some Signs of Deteriorating Windows?

While there are many possible signs that your windows have flood damage, there are a few to keep in mind. If you notice condensation in between the glass panes of your window then you know that your window has water damage. Similarly, if you notice mold or mildew growing on your window, that is also a sign of flood damage. These signs won’t always present themselves right away. You could notice these signs as soon as a couple of weeks after a flooding event or as long as a year after a flooding event. So make sure to diligently keep an eye on your windows for any signs of flood damage.

You Must Replace Flood-Damaged Windows

While there might be more pressing needs such as sheetrock and flooring repair/replacement, you must not wait too long to replace your flood-damaged windows. Deteriorating and mold/mildew infested flood-damaged windows directly affect your family’s safety and health. The bottom line is that you must be mindful of your windows and the deterioration that will take place.

What to Do With Flood-Damaged Windows

Most manufacturers that we have dealt with have a clause in their warranties that voids any damage as a direct result of an “Act of God” (i.e. a historic flooding event like Hurricane Harvey). The manufacturer warranty likely voids any of your windows due to the flood damage they suffered.

The first thing you need to do is contact your insurance adjustor. Let them know how high the water got in your home. This gives them a clear picture of whether or not your windows have been affected by the flooding. While it’s strictly a case-by-case business, most insurance adjustors we deal with are replacing windows that were damaged by the flooding.

If the flooding from Hurricane Harvey damaged your windows we want to be the first to tell you just how sorry we are. For any replacement window needs give us a call today.