Why You Should Choose Superior Window Company

When looking to buy new windows for your home you will have plenty of options. We’ll give you a few reasons why you should choose Superior Window Company to provide you with brand new windows.


1. Texas Proud

Is the climate in somewhere like Michigan the same as the climate here in Texas? No, obviously not. So, why would you want your windows, a product that is significantly impacted by the climate, to be made anywhere other than where you live? Our windows are made in Texas specifically for the Texas climate. When you buy windows from Superior Window Company you can be assured that you will be receiving windows built to last in the heat and humidity of Texas.


2. We Have Lots of Awards… Just Like This Guy

If there’s one thing we have in common with Houston Texan’s star J.J. Watt it’s the fact that we have plenty of awards. ABC-13, KHOU-11 and even the New York Times have recognized us for our quality work and materials. On top of that, for the past five years we have received the Better Business Bureau Award for Excellence. Thought we were done there? Not quite. We were also recognized as having the most energy efficient window in Houston by Sammy the Energy Savings Star. So, what do all these awards and accolades tell you about us? They tell you that we take great pride in providing our customers with nothing but the absolute best.


3. We Have Excellent Reviews

When picking a Houston Window Company, customer reviews are definitely a big deal. A large amount of positive reviews can seal the deal for you just like many negative reviews can make you cross a company off your list of potential Houston window companies. Well, here at Superior Window Company, we have excellent reviews. Rather than simply just taking our word for it, we urge you to look into all of our customer reviews to see what they have to say about us. We trust that once you’ve done that you will understand why we are your best option for a Houston window company.


Although there are several quality Houston window companies, we believe that our Texas-made windows, our awards and accolades and our excellent customer reviews separate us from the rest. Call us today for your free home evaluation.