Caring for Your Vinyl Windows: Cleaning the Glass

Well-designed home windows can really amp up the beauty factor of both the outside and inside of your house. But since windows are made of glass, they can only do this if they are properly cleaned and cared for. This week, we have instructions on how to properly clean the glass in your Houston vinyl windows.

Start by rinsing the glass completely with clear water. You’ll then want to wipe the class clean with a vinegar-based cleaner. Some recommend cleaners: Formula 409®, Ajax Liquid Cleaner®, Murphy’s Oil®, Lysol Cleaner®, Soft Scrub®, vinegar and water, or some Windex® equivalent.

Make sure to avoid Clorox®, Pine Power®, Ivory®, Grease Relief®, Tide®, and acetone. These cleaners can cause potential long-term damage to your glass.

Once you’ve finished, wipe the glass dry with a squeegee or a soft cloth. Make sure do this thoroughly to avoid pesky water spots.

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