What are the Advantages of Vinyl Windows?

When your windows are old, damaged and drafty, it’s time to replace them. Once you have made the decision to replace them, you will have to think about what type of new windows you will buy. There are several options on the market like aluminum, wood and fiberglass, and each has its own advantages. One of the best options that will give you the most value for your money is vinyl windows.

Vinyl is created from chlorine and ethylene. When these materials are processed, they form Polyvinyl Chloride or vinyl for short. As a man-made, synthetic material, vinyl offers a lot of advantages as a replacement window material. Let’s talk about some of those advantages.

Vinyl Windows are Extremely Energy Efficient

When homeowners replace their windows, one of the factors they consider the most is energy efficiency. It all has to do with the HVAC system. Windows with poor energy efficiency offer no insulation from hot or cold temperatures, causing your HVAC system to work harder. The good news is that vinyl windows perform very well in regards to energy efficiency. You’ll feel the difference as they keep heat in during the winter and keep it out during the summer.

They Don’t Require Much Maintenance

Between work and kids, there’s not a lot of time left over for recreation and relaxation. When you do get some time off, you don’t want to have to spend it maintaining your windows. Vinyl windows are very low maintenance. They don’t have to be sanded and repainted every so often like wood windows. This is because they are durable and stand up the elements. They are also easy to clean; soap and water does the trick.

Work With a Variety of Looks

When it comes to vinyl windows, your options are not limited. They are available in many different colors, styles and sizes. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they will match your home. With customization options, they can be made to fit your home perfectly. If you choose vinyl windows you are well on the way toward the home you have always dreamt of.

Vinyl Windows are Inexpensive

Vinyl windows offer many advantages, but the most attractive one might be the fact that they are so inexpensive compared to other options. In most cases, they are more affordable than wood and aluminum windows, and they outperform those materials in key areas. Vinyl windows offer more insulation than aluminum and are more durable than wood.

Any Disadvantages?

There are a few minor disadvantages to vinyl replacement windows. First, intense weather conditions can cause them to discolor. However, this should not be a worry to homeowners as that intensity of weather is rare in the States. Another downside is that a special process is required for resizing, which can add to the cost. For standard windows, this should not be a problem. Finally, because of their low cost, vinyl replacement windows may add less monetary value to a home than other materials. Needless to say, these minor disadvantages are vastly outweighed by the various fantastic advantages of vinyl windows.

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