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7 Tips to Make Your Home Great Again

When it comes to investing into your home, there really isn’t a shortage of options. The tough choice is figuring out exactly what to do and how to do it. The best choice is to do something that will make you want show off your home while also adding to the value of the home. Our company has been a contributor to many home remodels with our energy efficient replacement windows. We have seen some creative and unique projects in that time. Here are just a few that we think will make your home more enjoyable and add a significant amount of value and character.

1. Create a Conversation Pit In Your Living Room

Conversation pits were all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s. Like with everything in pop culture, good things make a comeback eventually. We have seen many newer homes with bi-level living rooms or conversation pits. This project is not terribly complex as it merely requires lowering a section of the subfloor and refinishing it with stairs that step down. The resulting space can be upholstered and turned into seating.

2. Create A Pillow Room In The Attic

On the opposite end of things, you can turn to your attic and create a sanctuary of sorts. Finish out your attic with flooring, insulation and drywall. Paint a nice sky mural on the ceiling and you are on your way. Add a padded floor and maybe a TV or bookshelf and create an oasis out of normally wasted space.

3. Create A Hideaway Under The Stairs

Your kids will love you for this one. If you have stairs, open up and finish out the space under the stairs and add a small door. The kids can store toys or books inside and have pillows and other comfort items. It can become their own private hideaway. Have older children or don’t have kids? The space under the stairs still makes great storage.

4. Create A Wine Cellar Under The Stairs

Yes, stairs offer many options. You can either have wasted space, or you can enhance the empty space and do so much with it. Many people don’t realize that “under the stairs storage” is a hot project. Many designers pitch this idea to homeowners.. Simply build a wine cabinet into space beneath your stairs. Add some glass and wood doors to display your finest bottles.

5. Go Big Or Go Home

If you feel like tackling a big project, consider building a small guest house or small hobby spot. The hottest trend is an adult treehouse. These aren’t the treehouses you grew up with. Some have been built as recording studios, painting rooms, and all out guest houses. The concept is taking off. When you see photos of them, you’ll understand why. You will be the envy of the neighbors for sure!

6. Proactive Pest Control

This is one of the most innovative home improvements to come along in a while. While practical and innovative, in-wall pest control systems are definitely a hit. Tubes are run inside your walls with a small external outlet. An exterminator pumps pesticide or natural pest repellents into the tubes to protect the home from pests. This is a highly efficient way to control and prevent pest infestation.

7. Go Green

Advancements in technology allow for some very cool home modifications that improve the look of your home while helping to preserve the earth. One such example is rooftop solar panels. These panels act as replacements for traditional roofing materials. With several styles to choose from, they can even mimic many of the roofing material styles that homeowners have come to love. This best part about them is that they harness the energy of sunlight, transforming it into electricity for storage or immediate use.

Replacement windows are another great option that offer some surprising features. Multi-layered and gas-filled variations ensure that you are controlling your home’s temperature in the most efficient way. Some windows can even self-tint, growing darker as the amount of sunlight increases.

Home Is What You Make It

Whatever way you see fit to add value to your home, make sure it is something that makes YOU happy. After all, you are the one that will live with it or love it. Make your home unique in your own way.

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