5 Smart Steps to Summer Proof your home

Before you know it the temperatures will be hitting near triple digits and the dry Texas summer heat wave will be in full effect. Although there is nothing you can do to stop the sun from beating down this summer, you can reduce its effect on your home’s climate. Spring is the perfect time to prepare your home for summer as the weather is perfect for getting replacement windows installed, gaps sealed up in the attic and checking for any leaks. You don’t have to spend the summer sweating in your house if you just follow these 5 smart steps to summer proof your home. In the end, the savings on the utilities will outweigh the investment you will make for the betterment of the efficiency of your home.

Do A Home Energy Audit

Before you go out and spend money on energy efficient upgrades for your homes like replacement windows or radiant barrier insulation, you need to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency by conducting a home energy audit. You can do this yourself with information from the US Department of Energy or hire a professional. What this audit does is help determine where your home leaks energy the most and what upgrades will save you the most money. This will help you prioritize your repairs so you can get the most return out of your investment.

Add High-Quality Insulation

Often, people misunderstand insulation as being something for the winter months to keep a home warm. Insulation is actually about keeping the air in your home from leaking outside, be it cold or warm. You aren’t trying to cool or heat the great outdoors right? Replacement windows with gas filled panes may do their part perfectly in reducing waste, but they are canceled out if your insulation is insufficient or lacking in coverage. A highly effective solution is spray in radiant barrier, as it is applied as a spray and can penetrate cracks and gaps so no cool air will leak out.

Invest In Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Despite us being one of the largest replacement windows manufacturers in Texas, this tip is not biased at all. Old drafty windows are more responsible for energy loss than any other part of a home. The difference between old single pane standard windows and gas filled double pane windows is staggering. Energy efficient windows in your home can make a drastic impact on your utility bills every month.

Get Your HVAC Serviced

Naturally, you will be using your AC often during the summer so it will be working hard. Don’t wait until summer to check on your unit and have it cleaned and tuned up. HVAC units are quite an investment so it is better to be vigilant and proactive on servicing it to detect potential problems early. The more efficient an AC unit runs the quicker it will cool your house without running up the electric bill astronomically.

Implement Adjustments That Save Energy

Keeping your home cool during the summer uses a lot of energy which means wastes a lot of money too. There are things you can do that might help alleviate those high utility bills as well such as leaving lights on when you are done. If it is not too hot outside open windows on opposite walls of the house to create a cross breeze to cool the home instead of turning the AC on just yet.  Other ideas include using natural sunlight to light your home or adding a smart thermostat.

Start With The Windows And A Call To Superior

In most homes, the windows are where 80% of the energy is leaking from. Most homes are built with cheap windows but you can change that with Superiors energy efficient replacement windows. Just call and speak with one of our consultants today!