5 Secrets To Spring Gardening You Should Know

With spring in full swing and the sun shining, birds chirping and the weather is in that sweet spot, it’s time to think about your garden. Normally we talk about home improvements for your interior like our industry leading replacement windows. It’s important though that the outside of your home compliments the inside. A well-manicured lawn and garden is the perfect complement for a beautiful interior. For some of you, winter has taken its toll on your garden and it needs some TLC to get back in good shape. So take it from your replacement windows experts, you’re going to need some tools and some old fashioned sweat for this project. Let’s get to work on five things you can do to make your garden shine in time for peak growing season.

Call In The Cleaning Crew

Winter has blown a bunch of leaves and debris into your garden and because it’s Houston and we rarely get hard freezes, you probably have some weeds growing too. This task will go much quicker if you get the whole family involved, so head down to Home Depot and grab some extra rakes and shovels. Make sure when removing weeds to extract the roots too or they will just grow back. It would be like getting new replacement windows but leaving the nasty old window sills that were there before. Start fresh! This would be the perfect time to tune up your gardening tools as well. Sharpen clippers, tune up weedeaters and oil your tiller, because you are going to need them if you want to make easy work of getting your soil bed just right and for maintaining plants.

It All Comes Down To The Dirt

During the winter months bitter cold temperatures actually dry out your soil and it becomes compacted. If you really want to get scientific, you want to buy a soil testing kit to see exactly what your soil needs.  You can’t go wrong with adding some moisture to the dryness by adding organic materials like manure or compost if you collect. After adding some you can test it with the kit and see what needs to be added. Getting the right pH level in the soil is essential to your success. It is also a good idea to add a good fertilizer to boost the health of your soil and the quality of your plants. Just like replacement windows help keep energy in your home, good soil helps keep nutrients in which is the energy plants need to grow.

Prune Old Plants

Similar to cutting off dead ends of your hair when you get a haircut, any plants that made it through winter must be pruned in order to spur new growth. Always wait until mid-April as you never know with Texas weather where we might get one last arctic remnant of winter in the beginning of April. If you have any plants that have blooms make sure to prune right after so you don’t end up cutting off developing buds. Keep in mind that summer season plants need to go ahead and be pruned in early spring for best results.

Soil Retention Is Key

Now that you have that soil nice and rich, with loads of nutrients you want to protect it by adding mulch to your garden and flower beds. We recommend around two to three inches to help prevent weeds, diseases such as fungus and mold as well as maintaining moisture. The standard is to just make sure the mulch is a few inches away from the stems so they don’t end up rotting.

Time For The New Vegetation

Now that you have your soil ready, the mulch laid down and the old plants pruned, you need to focus on new growth. So plant some seedlings or starters and plan your garden out to your desire. Some good suggestions for spring plants and vegetables include:

  • Tulips
  • Lilacs
  • Lettuce, Peas, Arugula, Onions and Tomatoes
  • Redbuds

It is better to plant more perennial plants rather than annuals so you don’t have to replace them every year. When you buy perennials you are making an investment that will give you around 3 years at least and survive most frosts with minimal barriers to the cold.

What Grows In Your Garden?

When you have your garden up and blooming; send us pics on our Facebook page with the hashtag #springgarden. Now, when your old windows become dull and hazy and you can’t admire your garden from the house anymore, give our replacement windows experts a call for an estimate on our acclaimed double hung windows.