4 Major Benefits of Double-Pane Windows

At some point, you have probably heard some of your friends or family talk about installing new double-pane windows in their home. But what exactly are the advantages of double-pane windows? Keep reading to find out!


1. Efficient Like James Harden


Want your windows to be efficient like James Harden when he’s hot? No problem. Double-pane windows have two panes separated by a small gap. That small gap is filled with insulating gas. This feature keeps your windows from allowing heat to transfer from the outdoors into your home. Simply put, with double-pane windows from Superior Window Company, your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard and you will save a noticeable amount of money.


2. Reduces Outside Noise


If you live in a quaint and quiet neighborhood, then you’re probably not too worried about having windows that keep the outside noise at bay. However, if you’re one of the many Houstonians who lives on a noisy street (or has noisy neighbors) then you need double-pane windows from Superior Window Company. With double-pane windows external noise will be cut down 20%-50% compared to single-pane windows.


3. Keeps Your Home Comfortable

If you sweat in your home like Ted Striker when he was trying to land the plane in Airplane, then you need double-pane windows. Remember earlier when we talked about how double-pane windows keep heat from transferring into your home? Yeah, well, saving money isn’t the only benefit of the reduction in heat transferring into your home.


Your home will also be much more comfortable with double-pane windows from Superior Window Company. Do you have that one room in your home that never seems to cool down no matter how much you run the air conditioning? With double-pane windows you can kiss that problem goodbye.


4. Resale Value


Double-pane windows are an incredibly attractive feature of a home for a prospective buyer. When looking to buy a house, double-pane windows can be a huge selling point. So, when you buy double-pane windows, you can expect to get nearly all of your value back when you sell your home due to the fact that double-pane windows are so desirable.


Call us today to schedule your home window evaluation as the first step to brand new double-pane windows!