The 10 Commandments of Replacement Windows

Thinking about getting replacement windows? Don’t do it without brushing up on the 10 commandments of replacement windows. It’ll make for a smooth and satisfying process.

1 You Should Replace Old Windows

The first rule of replacement windows is that you should replace old windows. If you have old, drafty, deteriorating windows, then it’s time to get some new ones. If not, you are losing out on increased comfort and energy savings as old windows provide no insulation from outside temperatures.

2 You Should Not Use Single Pane Windows

If you have single pane windows, it’s time to upgrade. If you are thinking about replacing your old single pane windows with new single pane windows, don’t do it. Singe pane means the window is only made up of one layer of glass, and just like old windows, they offer virtually no protection against the elements outside. The only time single pane might be good choice is if the temperature outside is perfect all year long.

3 You Should Not Use Aluminum Frame Windows

Aluminum frames are strong and affordable making them suitable for some purposes, but for homeowners it’s not the best choice. Aluminum transfers hot and cold temperatures all too easily which could cost you in heating and cooling expenses. Plus, there are other strong materials out there.

4 You Should Get Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are a great balance between cost and effectiveness. Instead of using a single layer of glass, double pane windows offer two layers of glass with an air pocket in between to further increase their insulation value. They are a lot more effective than single pane and considerable more affordable than triple pane.

5 You Should Get the Gas Fill Option

Single pane windows don’t even get this option because there is no air pocket to fill up. On the other hand, double pane and triple pane windows have the option to be filled with colorless, odorless non-toxic gas fill. This makes them even more resistant to the temperatures outside, putting money in your pocket.

6 You Should Get the Low-E Coating

Low-E coating is a special coating that is applied to the window. It helps reflect infrared light from coming into your home. This will prevent sunlight from increasing the temperature in your home or fading couches, carpet, artwork etc. It’s a useful feature that won’t break the bank.

7 You Should Explore the Window Types

There are all kinds of replacement windows that can add some uniqueness to your home. There’s casement, awning, single hung, double hung, picture, sliders and more. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consult a replacement window professional to learn more.

8 You Should Get Them Properly Installed

Even if you purchase some high-quality windows, it’s very important that you get them properly installed. A poor installation can wipe out the benefits of getting new windows in the first place. For example, improper sealing will just allow the hot and cold air to pass right into your home. Make sure the installer has experience and knows what they are doing.

9 You Should Research the Window Company

Before choosing a window company, make sure you look into their background. Get online and see what reviewers have to say about the company. Check how long the company has been business. A business that has been established in the area is more likely to give you quality work and a good deal. Also, make sure than you fully understand all of the company’s options and terms.

10 You Should Let Your Neighbors Get Jealous of Your New Windows

Once you’ve found the right company and had replacement windows installed, you should let your neighbors get jealous. Your home looks better on the outside and feels better on the inside. On top of all that, you’ll be saving a little on energy costs. Go ahead and brag a little to your friends.

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